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Eco hotels are an up and coming trend that is becoming increasingly popular for adventurous tourists from all over the globe, who are visiting a variety of destinations – Sri Lanka being on this list! To put it simply, an eco hotel is a hotel or accommodation that aims to protect the environment and promote green living, purely by being environmentally responsible when it comes to making decisions. Characteristics of eco hotels include energy efficient lighting, a non-smoking environment and renewable energy sources. Sri Lanka certainly isn’t lacking in unique eco hotels. In fact, there is quite a range to choose from.

To complete the environmentally friendly atmosphere, Sri Lankan eco-friendly hotels tend to be surrounded in stunning natural greenery. Extroverts and lovers of the outdoors are sure to feel right at home in this type of accommodation, and those who prefer to remain within the hotel boundaries are guaranteed to be happy, too. Why? Because eco hotels in beautiful Sri Lanka strive to provide good quality, modern and luxurious rooms for their guests.Most include a reception desk with helpful and knowledgeable staff, a bar and restaurant, a swimming pool and a gym.

The fantastic quality of Sri Lankan accommodation, whether it is dedicated to being environmentally friendly or not, is that they are all in a fairly central location. Visitors to this jam-packed destination can choose between Kandy, Colombo, Galle and many others, all of which with something unique to offer, from historical to fun attractions.

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